Several Reasons Why It Isn't About Oil
Updated: 03/14/2007 12:56 PM

Several Reasons Why it isn’t about Oil

By Curt Maynard

The war in Iraq, and America’s so-called Imperialistic ventures in the Mid East have nothing to do with oil.

How do you know that you might be asking?

Without delving into some very credible “conspiracy theories,” which tend to cause the eyes of “enlightened” Americans to glaze over in their own unique self-righteous stupor, let me relate some facts below, that should, assuming the reader has the ability to think properly as my friend in Rome Alfio Faro, likes to say, convince even the skeptic that Bush’s recent forays into the Middle East have nothing to do with the monopolization of oil reserves. I won’t leave the reader hanging, after relating these facts I’ll spell out in one word exactly why Bush is occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and why he intends to attack Iran and Syria as well.[1]

The Third World nation of South Africa produces a barrel of oil from coal for under $35.00 a barrel.[2] The United States of America has some of the largest coal reserves in the world.[3] These coal reserves are of a far higher quality than that used by South Africa, the sulfur content is much less, and thus, American coal can be converted to oil cheaper than can South African coal.

You may have heard about Canada’s Oil Sands, but what you may not have heard is that within these sands Canada harbors nearly as much oil as Saudi Arabia.[4] Granted, it costs much more money to extract this oil from the sand than it does for Saudi Arabia to open its spigots, but at current oil prices, $76.00 a barrel, it is both feasible and profitable to begin mass production.[5]

What the reader, especially the American reader, is almost certainly unaware of is that the United States of America has even more oil than Saudi Arabia or Canada locked away in strata of shale under the Rocky Mountains.[6] Costs to extract this oil are considerably higher than extracting it from sand, but bear in mind, at current prices, it too can be extracted profitably with technology that already exists. Not to mention the fact that its extraction, assuming that illegal aliens aren’t invited en masse to fill openings, will create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans, not service related jobs, but real employment with real salaries and benefits.

Methane Hydrate – methane hydrate is essentially frozen methane gas. Methane gas burns cleaner than any other energy source known, if combustion is complete; there is no appreciable pollutant created from its use. In any case, methane hydrate exists in reserves so large that they dwarf all of the oil and coal reserves combined, the world over, from the dawn of time; it lies under the oceans and has already been extracted by the industrious Japanese. Its extraction at present is too costly to be profitable, but like anything else, costs decline over time and/or as the result of new technology.[7]

If the United States government were truly interested in marshaling oil sources around the world, would it not be doing everything within its power to mollify relations with the countries that possess the oil? Instead Bush is doing everything he can to alienate the populations of oil producing nations, and doesn’t seem to be in the least bit concerned about the consequences of such foreign policy folly.

Above I promised that after relating some facts I’d spell out in one word exactly why Bush is occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and why he intends to attack Iran and Syria as well. Dear reader, the reason in one word is “Israel.” Why Bush pursues his insane adventures in the Mid East for the Zionist state is not exactly known, some think he is a Christian fundamentalist, with a “dual covenant” eschatological outlook, this writer seriously doubts this premise, Bush’s words may exemplify Christian value and virtue, but his actual behavior demonstrably prove that his words are empty and are meant only to maintain a relatively powerful base, that of the Christian voting block.[8]

There are others that believe Bush may be compromised in some way and may be under the influence of those blackmailing him; those who would and could reveal to the world some dark secret hiding in the closet of the Commander and Chief. I suppose it’s possible, I personally don’t believe that former President Clinton just happened to meet up with a young Jewess named Monica Lewinsky, who just happened to save a sample of the President’s sperm discharged on her dress after administering fellatio. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but I’ll bet it wasn’t a happy accident.

[1] Syria itself has no appreciable oil reserves and thus its demonization by Israel and the media should act as a wake up call for those that are convinced that Bush’s Mid East policies exclude everything but the acquisition of additional oil reserves.
[5] Don’t fool yourself, the price of oil will never again fall below $50.00 a barrel – once consumers have accepted paying $3.00 a gallon for gas, oil companies and governments will maintain it there.
[6] 1.2 trillion barrels
[8] Many of these so-called Christian fundamentalists however are anything but supportive of Israel; the predominantly Jewish media in the United States exploits its media monopoly to keep this idea before the American viewing public, this idea that all Christian fundamentalists are pro-Zionist/pro-Israel. They do this to rein in the hesitant, after all if “all,” Christian fundamentalists support Israel, it must be an order ordained by Jesus himself, thus many blindly fall into this category, but maintain privately, their healthy skepticism of the Jewish state. Many contemporary Christians have forgotten that for 2000 years Christian doctrine embraced the view that Jews and Christians could not, nor should live together, that Jews were determined to subvert and defile Christianity and that they would do so forever. In effect by turning their back on 2000 years of Christian doctrine, these folks believe that they are somehow more enlightened than their predecessors. They embrace this view despite the emergence of our modern secular society, despite the millions of abortions in the United States annually, despite the fact that “gay marriage,” is almost certainly to become a reality in this country, despite the fact that “hate crimes,” legislation, if the Jewish ADL gets its way, would make it unlawful for a Christian to condemn homosexuality and the goals of aberrant feminism, despite the fact that non-Christian Jews dominate our modern culture via the power of the media in all its forms, despite the fact that Jesus has become nothing more than a piece of “art,” to be urinated on, amidst the applause of our enlightened and “reformed,” secular elite, who appear in droves to demand that the American taxpayer [Christians included] continue to be forced to pay for the display of such garbage under the illusion that somehow it qualifies as “art.” No, our society is not as enlightened as we’d like to think, we are fools determined to live with our delusional thoughts and ideas – most of which have been carefully instilled in us by way of the media.

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