Megui H.264 Conversion Guide
Updated: 07/06/2007 09:24 AM

MeGUI is one of the newer tools that has been designed with H.264 encoding in mind, while supporting other types of conversion, such as XviD. This guide shows you how to encode a H.264 (MP4) using MeGUI from a DVD as the primary example (instructions for converting other types of video files are also included).
This guide is aimed at intermediate users, basically users that are familiar with DVD conversion/backup and want to experiment with H.264 and MeGUI. As such, basic knowledge of DVD ripping and conversion is required, although brief instructions will be provided in any case.
Software you'll need (all freeware):

Show details for Step 1: InstallationStep 1: Installation

Show details for Step 2: DVD RippingStep 2: DVD Ripping

Show details for Step 3: D2V CreatorStep 3: D2V Creator

Show details for Step 4: AviSynth Script CreatorStep 4: AviSynth Script Creator

Show details for Step 5a: Video Encoding Options MP4Step 5a: Video Encoding Options MP4

Show details for Step 5b: Video Encoding Options XVIDStep 5b: Video Encoding Options XVID

Show details for Step 6: Audio Encoding OptionsStep 6: Audio Encoding Options

Show details for Step 7: AutoEncode and starting the encodingStep 7: AutoEncode and starting the encoding

Show details for MeGUI Custom x264/AVC video profiles. (Updated: 2006-12-21)MeGUI Custom x264/AVC video profiles. (Updated: 2006-12-21)

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